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    Gale E. Henderson was a prominent St. Louis architect, whose extensive 55 year career spanned from 1908-1963. When wealthy families began moving from the inner city to the suburbs, Gale became the go-to architect of the socially elite. Many of the homes that Gale designed are now listed on The National Register of Historic Places. Gale’s granddaughter, Catherine Schleiffarth Kerr, compiled this book that reads like a “who’s who” of St. Louis at the turn of the twentieth century, encompassing the exhilarating history of St. Louis that hosted the World’s Fair and the Olympics in 1904. This 444 page publication includes interior and exterior photos, vintage newspaper articles, and renderings and blueprints found in the basements and closets of century old homes in prominent St. Louis neighborhoods. This pictorial is an exciting read for all students of architecture and enthusiasts of St. Louis history, and is a must have for all St. Louisans’ coffee tables.

  • Gale’s Clients Included:

    The Anheusers of Anheuser-Busch

    The Howes who invented Tums

    The Switzers of Switzer Licorice

    William Robertson, who funded Charles Lindbergh’s transatlantic flight

    and many more

    Gale Designed Homes in Prominent St. Louis Neighborhoods Including:

    Kingsbury Place

    Westmoreland Place 

    The St. Louis Country Club

    Upper Ladue Road

    and many more

    *background sketches by Gale E. Henderson
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    Gale E. Henderson, Prominent St. Louis Architect

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    Gale E. Henderson, Prominent St. Louis Architect

    Gale E. Henderson, Prominent St. Louis Architect

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